About Us

Shop with confidence and know that you are getting all natural gemstones, rough and fine jewelry. We have over 20 years experience in this business and we do much of the cutting, designing and gold work ourselves. Please browse our online store or come see us at a jewelry show near you. Visit our SHOW SCHEDULE page to view our show locations. 
PAK Designs Inc. rare gemstones & Turquoise, fine & estate jewelry
PAK stands for Patrick & Anne Kelley and we are located in Denver, North Carolina. We travel extensively to bring our customers a wide variety of unique items to select from. We strive to offer you quality at an affordable price and we excel in providing a diverse inventory.
About PAK Designs Inc.
We do about 20 gem shows a year and we love seeing our regular clients and meeting new ones. By far our favorite show is the Tucson 22nd Street Show and it should be on everyone's bucket list. We setup in booth A15 so if you want the adventure of a lifetime come see us at the Tucson show!!
Sugilite rough by PAK Designs Inc.
In the 20 years we've been in this business we have had so many adventures and met so many amazing sources around the world. We started off buying facet rough since Patrick is a faceter but we quickly fell in love with the jewelry aspect of this business as well. Since we do much of the work ourselves we can pass that HUGE SAVINGS on to our customers. Please shop our online store or come be a part of our loyal following at one of our gem shows.