LED Trade Show Lighting

LED Trade Show Lighting For Jewelry Displays 

Jewelry display lighting is of critical importance if you do jewelry shows or have a jewelry store. GREAT trade show lighting for jewelry displays is incredibly hard to find and that is why we recommend Show Off Lighting. Your jewelry, colored gemstone and diamond displays will come alive with vibrant color and sparkle. Many vendors say they experience a 30% or more increase in their sales with Show Off Lighting and we sure did!!
Low heat LED
Sun Balanced lighting for beautiful color and sparkle
Easy to setup, transport and store
Powerful and bright
Save time and money
Setup in minutes 
Energy efficient
Las Vegas approved
Durable, aluminum construction
Many lighting options to select from
High color rendering
Amazing testimonials from our clients
Incredible customer service
Located in the USA 
Increases your visibility and sales
User friendly
2 Year warranty on all lighting
Best LED trade show lighting for jewelry displays
To learn more about Show Off Lighting LED jewelry display lighting please visit the online store by clicking on the link below.
Jewelry display trade show lighting
Show Off Lighting is an American company. Working with a team of engineers we helped to design and create these lights to make our own jewelry look spectacular. 
Trade show booth lighting for jewelry displays
We tried the other lighting companies on the market and none of them solved all of our problems. With Show Off Lighting we have THE BEST LED trade show lighting for jewelry displays and it is widely used in the jewelry trade show industry. 
LED trade show jewelry display lighting
Please visit the Show Off Lighting online store 
AMAZING LED trade show lighting for jewelry displays