Rare Gemstones & Colored Gems

Collecting Rare Gemstones & Colored Gems 

Collecting rare gemstones or colored gems can be an adventure of a lifetime and a great investment. When building a collection of rare gemstones or colored gems you need to consider what makes them rare or collectible. Limited one source mines, unusual locations, availability, unique properties, colors or patterns all help to create rare gemstones. 
We delight in faceting & collecting rare gemstones & colored gems from North America. Jacksons Crossroads Amethyst, Montana Sapphire, Maine Tourmaline & Turquoise are some of our favorites. PAK Designs Fine Gems has a particular interest in natural rare gemstones from North Carolina where we are located. Adams Farm Hiddenite, North Carolina Emeralds & Rubies are highly collectible, valuable and rare.


Extremely rare faceted 3.6ct North Carolina Hiddenite from Adams Farm set with diamonds. Adams Farm Hiddenite faceted by PAK Designs Fine Gems.
Adams Farm Hiddenite, NC Hiddenite, PAK Designs Fine Gems, collecting rare gemstones, collecting colored gems

 Another passion for us is faceting & collecting rare gemstones & colored gems from Africa. We favor the uniquely colored garnets found there. Kenya produces bright green Tsavorite garnets. Namibia has neon orange Mandarin garnets & dazzling Demantoid garnets. Tanzania, Kenya & Madagascar have unusual color change garnets. Our first trip to Africa was seeking Tsavorite garnet rough in Kenya and we were hooked. While we deal in rare gems from around the globe we particularly love the African rare gemstones & colored gems.


  1.68ct Blue Color Change Garnet Highly Collectible & Hard to find. Faceted by PAK Designs Fine Gems.

Blue color change garnet, collecting rare gemstones, collecting colored gems, PAK Designs

Collecting rare gemstones does not have to break the bank. There are many types of rare colored gems that we offer in our PAK Designs Fine Gems online store that are both affordable and highly collectible. One collecting colored gems or rare gemstones can have an expansive, impressive display well within any budget. Setting these rare colored gems in jewelry creates not only a gorgeous and unique piece but also has great investment potential.


rare gemstones and colored gems by PAK Designs


To look at rare gemstones and colored gems sold by PAK Designs please view our “Faceted Gemstone Collection” by clicking on the icon below. 

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  Rare gemstones & colored gems by PAK Designs