American Turquoise

Natural American Turquoise Cabs & Rough

What is American Turquoise and is it worth collecting? American Turquoise rough is found in parts of the southwest. There used to be hundreds of active American Turquoise mines now only a limited amount remain. Turquoise from mines with minimal production or that have been closed and Turquoise with unique colors or patterns is definitively worth collecting. Natural American Turquoise cabs from these locations or with rare characteristics are a great investment, they make stunning jewelry and they can be valuable. We only deal in natural Turquoise never stabilized or treated.


 Rare Lone Mountain Mine Fossil Turquoise Clams from Nevada in our collection.

Natural Turquoise from North America
 Morenci Turquoise rough that we will cut into cabs soon.

Natural Turquoise, Gem Silica & Variscite From America

Some of the most spectacular natural Turquoise, Gem Silica & Variscite in the world is found in the American southwest. The states of Nevada and Arizona have the richest deposits of Turquoise which is a hydrated copper and aluminum phosphate. It comes in varying shades of blue to green. 
High grade, natural Turquoise is highly sought after, can be valuable and is something you definitely want to consider adding to your collection.


The Inspiration Mine and Ray Mine in Arizona produce the finest quality Gem Silica which is a variety of chalcedony. The presence of copper gives it a vibrant blue green color and it can be beautifully translucent. Fine quality Gem Silica is highly collectible and a good investment for your collection.


 Variscite is found in Utah, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico & Wyoming. Utah produces some of our personal favorites in Fairfield and Lucin areas. While Variscite is a hydrated aluminum phospate it does not contain copper like Turquoise. Variscite has a breathtaking translucency with a striking green color in it's best quality.


While Gem Silica & Variscite are not Turquoise they dovetail nicely together. All three make beautiful one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces and can be highly collectible as specimens and cabochons too.


Translucent Variscite from Lucin Mine Utah. This is in our collection and will be cabbed eventually.


Variscite from Lucin Mine in Utah


Little Green Monster Mine Variscite in our collection and in our store.


Variscite Little Green Monster Mine


Exquisite & rare Botryoidal Gem Silica from Inspiration Mine. Gold pendant created by PAK Designs Fine Gems.


Gem Silica 14k gold pendant by PAK Designs


We spend a month every year in the southwest to buy and sell American Turquoise, Gem Silica & Variscite. If the Tucson gem & mineral shows are on your bucket list please come see us at the Tucson 22nd St. Show where we setup in booth A9. If you would prefer to shop online please visit our store and look under any of the following categories: "Turquoise Cabs"  -  "Natural Cabs" -  "Cabbing & Turquoise Rough" -  "Mineral Specimens".  


 Lone Mountain Turquoise 

 What makes Lone Mountain Turquoise such a classic and so collectible? The Lone Mountain Mine in Nevada has produced some of the finest spiderweb Turquoise in America over the last 80 years. It has been highly sought after by the Native American jewelry makers and by Turquoise collectors. Lone Mountain Turquoise Mine is currently active finding small pockets of Turquoise. The varying shades of blue Turquoise found here is known for holding its beautiful color. This mine has been active on and off having been active for only 6 of the last 28 years. Lone Mountain Mine usually produces Turquoise nuggets. Unique to this mine is Pseudomorph fossil Turquoise which is extremely rare.


Lone Mountain Turquoise cabs & rough for sale in our online store.

  Natural Turquoise rough and Lone Mountain Turquoise cabs